Shamans of the Amazon

Shamans of the Peruvian Amazon
Los Curanderos and the spiritual ecology

As part of my journey into discovering my south-american origines (Argentina) I went alone on a three month exploration of the 'Sacred Road of Peru'. Travelling from the Andes to the Amazonian basin I met the last descendants of a unique culture, Los Curanderos, healers and shamans... the holders of traditional medicinal knowledge. Amazonian Indians are struggling to save their unique culture and preserve their forest, the lungs and the richest ecosystem of our planet. The tropical jungle, of which 20% has already disappeared, plays an essential role in stabilizing the global climate and provides nearly 25% of the International Pharmacopoeia of drugs. The Indian Shipibos revere the spirits of Nature during Ayahuasca ceremonies dedicated to Mother Earth,
Pachamama. Native Americans have an intimate relationship with their environment that our western society has almost lost.